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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have forgot your password, please click here to recover it using your registered email address. If you have forgotten which email you registered with, please contact us at

    You may unsubscribe from MyOpinion panel at any time. Log in to your panel account, go to Profile and then choose the option: Delete account. Deleting data and your account may take several days. During this time, you may still receive messages from us that have been created or completed before sending your opt-out. Any unredeemed points you have in your account will also be delete and will not be entitled for exchanging them with cash or donating them to a charity.

    There can be many reasons related to the fact that you have not been rewarded with the points of a completed survey. This has to do with the quality of the provided answers or inconsistency of your answers. Moreover, your target profile may be out of scope (ie. Age, gender, region etc..)

    Usually the points are added to your account shortly after you finish the survey. However, in some cases, this could take a bit longer, sometimes up to 72 hours.

    • You did not fit to the survey’s target group.
    • Your target group quota is already full.
    • Someone from the same IP address has already taken part in this survey

    The questionnaire usually applies to the general public population and sometimes to a specific target group. Make sure that you have your profile questions updated by completing the basic profile surveys. This will help us have correct demographic information about you. Since we are inviting panelists based on the specifications of each survey, it helps to know enough about you to decide if you are qualified to participate to a survey.

    The more we know for you, the more surveys invitations you receive. The more surveys you complete, the more points you earn. Depending on the type of the questionnaire, we might need specific target group to respond to a survey. Let’s take for example, a survey on beauty care products would make sense to invite women and a survey on cigarette flavors for smokers. Other surveys need only men or only women or a particular age group. Therefore, the more details we know about you (your demographic profile), the better we will be able to invite you in surveys which are in your interest and result on collecting more points.