About Us

My Opinion is an online survey rewards community committed
to giving you the chance to express your opinion.

We provide you with a platform where you can take surveys and we can reassure you that your opinions will be heard. Tell us your thoughts on everything from day to day, small things to important and serious health, economic or political topics. We then take your feedback straight to people who have the power and the willingness to influence change.

Needless to say that your time deserves to be rewarded! Each time you take a survey, we thank you for your feedback and participation, so we are giving you points. The more surveys you take, the more points you receive.

Points can be exchanged with rewards which can be redeemed with gift vouchers or converted to cash, either paid into a bank account or donated to a charity.

My Opinion was created by Pulse, a leading market research company in Cyprus.

Pulse Market Research is a research and consulting firm that helps organizations in Cyprus and abroad to make a definitive difference in their performance.

With market-approved research, statistical and marketing skills, Pulse MR utilizes a wide range of methodologies, from qualitative interviewing and analysis, to the most innovative techniques for collecting, processing and presenting quantitative data.