How it works

My Opinion is an innovative and secure platform to participate by taking paid online surveys. My Opinion gives you the unique opportunity to freely express your opinion, just like having a conversation with a good friend.The best part of the process is that you get to do this from your home’s comfort!

Through the My Opinion community, we have an opportunity to collect valuable data through the survey process. Once the survey is complete, the company receives your answers for processing and analysis.

To learn more about how you can begin getting paid for your opinion, spend a few moments to learn how My Opinion works.

Step 1


Become A Member By Signing Up

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Take A Survey And Express Your Opinion

Step 3


Receive and Redeem Your Reward

Let’s Get Started

Create your account and complete all the required information to generate your profile. Before completing your profile, you will need to provide some additional personal information.
In order to receive surveys with subjects you are interested in, give extra attention during the creation of your profile and be as precise and accurate as possible.

Express interest in participation and express your opinion

Once you connect with our community, you will experience a user-friendly platform, optimized for online surveys. As soon as we identify a subject matter that is within your profile preferences, we will notify you. Kindly keep in mind your honest and accurate opinion is a critical factor in the continuous improvement of various products and services.

How to receive points through
online surveys

Once you create and complete your profile registration, you will begin receiving invitations to participate in various surveys. You will receive the invitations to the email account you used when you created your profile. We are grateful for your time and effort, and for each survey completed, you will accumulate points. The more surveys you complete, the more points you will be collecting. Once you have enough points, you can choose how to redeem them. Redemption options include direct transfer to your bank account or contribution to non-profit organizations and charities to help them with their mission.