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My Opinion is giving you the opportunity to participate in online surveys, which are rewarded by a collection of points that can later be redeemed. At the same time, we provide you a valuable opportunity to be heard and participate in the broader community of people who want to contribute with their opinion to bring forward positive change.

Expressing your opinion through our online platform is more than just the accumulation of points. Your opinion is heard and used by various companies, government bodies, and organizations to bring positive change and improvement in products and services. These products and services are part of our communities and our daily lives. Perhaps the most significant reward when you express your opinion through My Opinion is the satisfaction in knowing that you have contributed effectively and positively to your community.

1. My Opinion uses a reward system based on points. Every time you complete and submit a survey on the platform, you are rewarded with points. Five hundred points are equal to €5.00. Never before has it been this easy to make money from home using the internet.

2. Your points are transferred to your My Opinion account. Points can be redeemed in batches of 500.

3. Collect your points and redeem them in any way you choose, either by transferring the respective amount to your bank.

4. By donating to the following charities.


One Dream One Wish

The Pancyprian Association “A dream, a wish” was founded in 1997 by a group of parents and friends of children that have cancer, leukemia, and other blood diseases. The Association focuses its activities on three main pillars:

1)To fulfill the wishes of cancer afflicted children
2)To financially support their families
3)To offer psychological support to the children and their families

There are more than 45 new cases of childhood cancer every year in Cyprus. Following their diagnosis, these children undergo exhausting therapies that often take away their carefree childhood and smile. Yet, despite their pain, the children do remain children, with wishes and hopes. Please consider helping the Pancyprian Association “A Dream, A wish” to give these children their smiles by fulfilling one of their wishes.


Cyprus Anti-cancer Society

Cancer patients have a difficult journey ahead of them and are asked to battle cancer with all their physical, emotional, and psychological strength. Battling cancer is a fight that is exhausting and frequently unfair. For the past 50 years, the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society has stood by cancer patients’ side supporting and helping them in their battle. Our mission is to offer our help and services throughout the various stages of their arduous path and to give them the strength they need to keep fighting.

Besides our two palliative care centers (Arodafnusa, in Nicosia, and Euagorio, in Limassol), our Association offers in-patient treatments, daycare treatment, home care nursing services, psychological support, physiotherapy, and patient transfer services to and from the oncology centers.

Please consider donating to help our Association continue offering its services to cancer patients. Cancer knows no physical boundaries, age, color, religion, race, or financial background. Cancer is a matter involving all of us.


Cyprus Paraplegics Organization (OPAK)

The mundane proceedings of everyday life can be a challenge for people with spinal cord injuries and prevent them from dignified, independent living. At their difficult time of need, the Organization of Paraplegics, Cyprus, is there to assist.

The Organization of Paraplegics Cyprus was founded in 1978 to help mediate the difficulties and solve the problems that people with paraplegia and quadriplegics face. The Organization aims at complete inclusion in society of people with spinal cord injuries. It promotes their independent living and treatment as equal members of our community while respecting their human rights and understanding their difficulties.

Among other activities, our Organization promotes the well-being of its members by offering them vocational rehabilitation services, medical services and supporting their full inclusion in society and their work and educational environment. In addition, financial assistance is also given to members, and special equipment (technological and otherwise) is purchased to assist them in their daily living.


Sistema Cyprus

“Without music, life would be a mistake” Fredrick Nietsche.

Sistema Cyprus was founded in 2018 in our country. It is a social-music program that focuses on creating orchestras and choirs to offer musical education to young people and children, particularly those at risk, such as immigrants and refugees. Music unites people and does not know of color and race. Music programs incorporate young people with fewer opportunities into our society and ensure that they are treated equally, with respect and acceptance.

The various music events organized through our programs help children, and young people unfold their talents in a safe environment. In addition, it encourages them to seek their personal development while at the same time empowering them and giving them the self-confidence they need to not only succeed but survive as well.

Support Sistema Cyprus today. Help music give equal opportunities to children and young people seeking a better future in our country.


MAZI Foundation

There is an alarming increase in eating disorders, anorexia, and bulimia in Cyprus, especially amongst teenagers. More than 10 2000 deaths related to eating disorders occur every year throughout the world. In addition, 26% of people that suffer from eating disorders will, unfortunately, attempt suicide. Without timely diagnosis and intervention, the prognosis for these people is not good.

The MAZI foundation aims to inform and sensitize the public in Cyprus about eating disorders. Even though it is still considered a taboo topic, we aspire to act as the catalyst that will create the conditions for the optimal management of eating disorders. Furthermore, we aim to serve as the bridge connecting private and public sectors and mobilize them to protect our fellow Cypriots from the detrimental consequences of eating disorders and obesity.

Eating disorders can affect us all—support the MAZI foundation today.


Hope For Children

“Children are our greatest treasure. Our future” Nelson Mandella.

Did you know that every year more than 250 000 children are reported missing in Europe alone? That 1 out of every five children is a victim of physical and sexual abuse? That 19% of children live under the poverty line? Do not stay indifferent. You can help now.

Help the International Humanitarian Independent Organization Hope for Children and support their work in protecting and promoting children’s rights. The organization has founded the House of Children and the House of Hope for children that need to be removed from abusive home environments. In addition, the organization has created Support and Advisory Centers and Centers For Missing Children. Hope for Children assists in Fostering Programs and promotes campaigns and European Advisory programs that educate children and prevent bullying and sexual abuse via alternative educational curriculums.

Help our children, our greatest treasure, and our future. Help Hope For Children today.


D.O.G Rescue Cyprus

“Humanity’s true moral test..consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals” Milan Kundera.

D.O.G Rescue Cyprus, also known as Dali Rescue, helps abandoned, stray and neglected dogs give them a second chance in life and a forever home here in Cyprus and the United Kingdom. With the organization’s help, more than 5000 dogs have been rescued since 2010. Most of them were in the municipality’s pound, waiting for their death penalty, should their fifteen-day deadline passes without them being adopted.

The organization relies on donations and financial support from animal-loving citizens. Dogs are a man’s best friend, the saying goes. So please do not turn your back on them. Instead, help a stray, neglected, abandoned dog today and save them from certain death. Every donation counts, no matter how small.


Mora Thavmata

Did you know that Cyprus has the highest rate of premature newborns in Europe, with 11.1% of births instead of 8.7% in other European countries? In addition, it is estimated that 15 million premature babies are born every year, out of which 1 million will not survive. The premature newborns in Cyprus need your help. Support the Foundation “Miracle Babies” today.

The non-governmental charity organization was founded in early 2015 to support and improve the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Archibishop Makarios III hospital in Nicosia.  A team of doctors working at the NICU acts as the organization’s advisory committee, which strives to bring up the NICU to European Standards adhering to the National Prototypes, which will give our miracle babies a headstart in their lives.

Among other actions, our organization has purchased and donated a 300 000 euro ambulance specifically for newborns and premature babies and a special 55 000 euro ventilator to cover the NICU needs.


Association for the Prevention and Handling of Family Violence (SPAVO)

You never know what goes on behind closed doors. Domestic abuse and violence victims often remain silent, feeling helpless and isolated, not knowing where to turn to for help. Between 2016-2020, 6018 official domestic violence abuse reports have been filed with the Cyprus police. Unfortunately, it is estimated that the actual number of cases, counting the ones that remain unreported, is five times as much.

Keeping in mind the psychological support and empowerment the victims of domestic abuse need, the Organization offers housing and protection to assist them in leaving the abusive environment. In addition, the free helpline 1440 is operated daily, 24 hours per day, by trained psychologists and social workers, ready to listen and offer support and help as needed.

Help the Organization for the prevention of Domestic Violence and make your donation today because even though violence occurs behind closed doors, it is still a matter that impacts everyone.


Center for Preventive Paediatric’s Americos Argyriou

The Center for Preventive Pediatrics was founded in 1988 and has offered its preventive pediatric services to every pregnant woman and newborn in Cyprus. More specifically, the Center offers three programs:

The Neonatal Screening Program aims to diagnose congenital metabolic diseases in neonates such as congenital hypothyroidism and phenylketonuria. These metabolic diseases can lead to very severe and irreversible health and nervous system problems.

The Prenatal Screening Program is available to all pregnant women during the first trimester of their pregnancy. Through this program, chromosomal abnormalities are detected, particularly trisomy 21, or Down syndrome.

The Neonatal Hearing Screening Program helps detect and diagnose congenital hearing loss in neonates. This allows immediate intervention to take place, giving these children a headstart and helping them develop communication and social skills.

Government funds partly cover the expenses of the three programs. However, to cover the remaining costs, the Center For Preventive Pediatrics relies on private donations. Help the Center and donate today. Our children are our future. Please help us give them the headstart they deserve.


Alkinoos Artemiou Foundation

The Alkinoos Artemiou Foundation, for children with oncological and hematological diseases, was established in 2021, in memory of Alkinoos Artemiou who died of cancer on December 9, 2020.

The Foundation is registered with the Registrar of Associations and Foundations of the Republic of Cyprus under the Law on Associations and Institutions and other related issues and bears the registration number LEV / I / 21.

Despite the fact that the goals of the Alkinoos Artemiou Foundation are broad, the mission of the Foundation is to help the better, happier, more comforting living and care of families and children treated in oncology – hematology clinics in Cyprus and abroad.

In short, to make the lives of children and their own people a little better.

This will be achieved in coordination with the other charities that operate in Cyprus and with the permission and guidance of the treating physicians of each child.

The effort to achieve the mission and goals of the Alkinoos Artemiou Foundation will be based on specific action plans that we will implement.

A beacon that guides us in this effort, the power of Alcinous.

Our strength, the volunteers who contribute from their time, to the mission and the individual goals of the Foundation.

We need you. Come to share love and light together.


Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PASYKAF)

The Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PASYKAF), is a voluntary, non-profit, charitable organization with registration number 525. Founded in 1986 by 21 people with cancer experience and other devoted friends, they have evolved into an organization of thousands of members and supporters, providing professional health and home palliative care services to cancer patients, as well as prevention programs.

Their purpose is to change the mentality, not only of society, but also of scientists and the state so that the patients feel that we are there for them. Together we can demand improvements in cancer patients treatments and to distinguish what is true or false in many cancer issues.

They couldn’t do what we do without your donations. Together, we’re making a difference – and you can, too.