Frequently Asked Questions

My Opinion is an online platform where registered members are invited to participate in various surveys concerning consumer habits, food preferences, lifestyle habits, and various other subjects. When a registered member completes and submits a surveys, they are rewarded with points. Each survey can carry a different point-reward based on the complexity and time needed for completion. Points can be redeemed either in cash or by donation to participating charities.

Registration is open to everyone, so long they are older than 16 years of age and reside in Cyprus. There is no registration fee. Kindly note than registration from people not living in Cyprus will not be accepted.

Of course! Your profile data is strictly confidential and is stored in a secure, encrypted database. We do not sell or distribute member’s personal information. Any answers provided through the surveys are forwarded to the appropriate people anonymously. The procedures we follow are secure, and there is no risk in connecting the answers to a given profile. Only general demographic information is made available. Your responses are only used for statistical purposes and are presented collectively to safeguards everyone’s identity.

The more we know about you and your preferences, the more survey we can match to your profile. The more surveys you complete and submit, the more points you gain. Sometimes surveys require a certain amount of expertise in the subject. By having enough information about you, we can identify if your profile is a good match for some of the more specialized surveys. For example, if a particular survey is regarding women’s beauty products, it makes sense only to match women to the specific survey. Also, if there is a survey regarding tobacco, we would need to match a particular survey to people who smoke.

The more information we know about you (your demographic profile section), the better we can match you with relevant surveys aligned with your interests and lifestyle. The process was designed to allow our members to receive as many points as possible.

The questionnaire usually applies to the general public population and sometimes to a specific target group. Make sure that you have your profile questions updated by completing the basic profile surveys. This will help us have correct demographic information about you. Since we are inviting panelists based on the specifications of each survey, it helps to know enough about you to decide if you are qualified to participate to a survey.

Although the participation to our surveys is entirely your choice, it is recommended to respond to as many surveys as possible. A response you may give us may have a serious impact to our clients. The more surveys you fill in, the more money you make. It’s that simple.

  • You did not fit to the survey’s target group.
  • Your target group quota is already full.
  • Someone from the same IP address has already taken part in this survey

There can be many reasons related to the fact that you have not been rewarded with the points of a completed survey. This has to do with the quality of the provided answers or inconsistency of your answers. Moreover, your target profile may be out of scope (ie. Age, gender, region etc..)

Please contact us including the specific link you received, so we can trace the issue quickly. Your enquiry can be send to helpdesk@myopinion.com.cy

Points collected for answering surveys can be exchanged when reaching a certain milestone and need to be used up within two years or they expire.

  • Registering and confirming your account
  • Completing your profile surveys
  • Completing surveys you are invited to (points depending on survey duration)

Usually the points are added to your account shortly after you finish the survey. However, in some cases, this could take a bit longer, sometimes up to 72 hours.

When you have selected your reward, go ahead and complete the ordering process on the website. Depending on what it is, the procedure is slightly different for each reward, as below:

  • Cash transfers to your account are done within 40 days in which the reward was ordered.
  • Charity donations are transferred to the organization, along with your name and email address as donors, or anonymously within 40 days in which the reward was ordered.

If you have forgot your password, please click here https://www.myopinion.com.cy/en/forgot-password/ to recover it using your registered email address. If you have forgotten which email you registered with, please contact us at helpdesk@myopinion.com.cy.

You may unsubscribe from MyOpinion panel at any time. Log in to your panel account, go to Profile and then choose the option: Delete account. Deleting data and your account may take several days. During this time, you may still receive messages from us that have been created or completed before sending your opt-out. Any unredeemed points you have in your account will also be delete and will not be entitled for exchanging them with cash or donating them to a charity.

For any further clarifications, contact us at helpdesk@myopinion.com.cy and a member of our team will contact you back.