Celebrating 1 year of My Opinion!

As part of the continuous upgrade of its services, Pulse Market Research, since May 2020, has launched its own online research platform called My Opinion, which is already celebrating its first birthday!

For the past year, My Opinion has managed to create a large online community with more than 6,000 active panel members. The panelists have taken part in dozens of surveys and with their answers they have helped companies in Cyprus to find solutions and make the right decisions on difficult issues that concerned them. Up to today, 60,000+ questionnaires have been answered for different surveys!

My Opinion has the ability to target and penetrate even the most difficult audiences. It offers fast results as it has online reporting as well as live dashboards. Questionnaires in addition to the usual questions can include images, videos or audio files. The My Opinion platform as well as the databases are kept with absolute confidentiality and security. Both at the level of registrations and at the level of surveys, continuous quality checks are carried out to ensure the quality of the data. Panelists go through a multi-step registration process to ensure the validity of their data. Also, all survey questionnaires collected are filtered and checked for quality.

My Opinion appreciates the effort and time of the panel members. That’s why it offers them points for every survey they participate in. They collect points with each survey and choose how to reward them. Points can be deposited into your bank account or given to non-profit organizations, thus helping their valuable work.