We continue to support foundations

My Opinion panelists continue to offer!

My Opinion, together with the help of the large community it has created, continues to help and care for its fellow human beings.

More than 5000 euros have been given to the charities and this is due to the panelists! Answering the questionnaires and collecting points, panelist chose very well to redeem the points and make a donation to one of the charities we support.

The organizations that you can help are “Ena Oneiro Mia Efxi”, “Cyprus Cancer Association”, “Cyprus Paraplegics Organization OPAK”, “Sistema Cyprus”, “MAZI Foundation”, “Hope For Children”, “DOG Rescue Cyprus” “, Mora Thavmata”, “Association for the Prevention and Treatment of Domestic Violence SPAVO” and “Center for Preventive Pediatrics” Amerikos Argyriou “.

With the help of panelists we help those who need it!