Hope for Children!

“Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center is an International Humanitarian and Independent Organization, based in Nicosia. The Agency was established on the basis of the standards and principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Law of the European Union.

It deals with humanitarian and development policy, on the protection and promotion of children’s rights. This is achieved through the research, design and implementation of grassroots programs and consulting services offered to governments and international organizations.

The operation of the organization is based on the principle of promotion and protection of children’s rights. Our goal is to achieve this through the implementation of various programs at National, European and Global level.

The Humanitarian Organization “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center cooperates with national, regional and international advisory organizations with the aim of reforming child welfare systems, on behalf of children who depend on these systems for their protection and care.

We aim to bring together judges, lawyers, psychologists, physicians, mediators, counselors, mental health professionals, media representatives, child care providers, teachers and related professionals to assist with their expertise. practical level, through education, with legal and other advice to promote and protect the interests of the most vulnerable among us, children and young people.