Volunteerism & Donation in Cyprus 2023 Report

In May 2023, Pulse Market Research conducted a survey on Volunteering and Philanthropy in Cyprus, through the My Opinion online community.

The results showed that the level of generosity of Cypriots, in terms of offering time as well as financial assistance to those in need, has remained consistently high over the last 3 years.

The main form of offer for Cypriots remains financial support, which was mentioned by 78% of all respondents.

Cypriots “do not close their ears” to information and are motivated to contribute mainly through social events and information campaigns held in public spaces.

Equally interesting was the finding that 3 out of 4 Cypriots prefer cash when donating to an NGO.

You view the results, please click here.

Use the password HELPING2023 to access the results report.