Honorary Distinction Of Our Company

Dear panelists of MyOpinion,

It is with great joy and emotion, to inform you that on 5.12.23, we received an honorary distinction from the Pan Cypriant Volunteerism Coordinative Council, for our participation in the 8th Corporate Volunteering and Voluntary Offer competition. The distinction concerned the financial support action through MyOpinion to the various charitable organizations we cooperate with. This support comes from the contributions of our members, who generously and wholeheartedly donate their points to charity and make us proud!

We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU and dedicate this award, which we have received, to you because of your generosity. Our goal and commitment is to continue using this channel as a pump for continuous assistance to fellow human beings and to the animals of our society who need it and to expand it by embracing more and more public benefit organizations and including more and more members in our community. Because together we can do more!

For more information about the competition and the ceremony follow the link https://bit.ly/47Cn1jb

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