Meet the Cyprus Paraplegic Organization-OPAK

The Cyprus Paraplegics Organization (OPAK) is another non-profit organization, whose work is supported by My Opinion!

The idea and the work for the establishment of the Cyprus Paraplegics Organization started in 1978 on the initiative of six paraplegics who were also declared as its founders.

Behind the idea of ​​creating the organization was the need to solve the particular problems faced by people with spinal cord injury.

Through many struggles it has managed to create quite a solid foundation on which it relies and claims for its members, but also people with disabilities in general.

Based on the philosophy of independent living, the Organization strives for people with quadriplegia and paraplegia to be fully integrated into society and to respect their human rights as equal citizens.

Through his own work, My Opinion, he urges the members of his community to support in their own way the Cyprus Paraplegics Organization (OPAK).

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