Trust of consumers

Consumer confidence on various ways of advertising has changed dramatically during the last years, with recommendations from acquaintances and friends being at the top.

While in the past, consumers showed confidence in the most traditional advertising channels, such as television, magazines, radio and newspapers, this picture is changing, with the internet dominating the way they receive and trust information.

A survey conducted by Pulse Market Research in February via myOpinion shows that 9 out of 10 consumers trust more than any other way the personal opinions they receive from acquaintances, friends or relatives, which influence the potential recommendation they give for a brand. or a product.

Along with Word Of Mouth, the second and third most trusted source of advertising are branded websites with 70% and user comments and testimonials with 67%.

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Internet banners are ranked last as a way of advertising with almost 1 in 4 Cypriot consumers stating that they trust them.

They also show low confidence in influencers with 26% and the advertising messages they receive on their mobile phones with 28%, as well as ads that appear on mobiles or tablets with 29%.

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