How happy are you?

A recent study which has been conducted globally (32 countries participated), by Ipsos (Global happiness up six points since last year: 73% now say they are happy | Ipsos) has revealed that 73% of adults state that they are happy (rather/very). Although this percentage is significantly higher compared to last year and the year before last (higher by 6% and 10% respectively) on a global scale, amongst western countries, the opposite seems to apply (there is a significant drop in countries like UK, Poland, Canada, Belgium, Germany e.t.c.).

A similar situation seems to apply in Cyprus, whereas, based on social research survey conducted through MyOpinion panel by Pulse Market Research, a significant drop has been observed comparing this percentage between 2021 and 2023. The latest survey conducted in February 2023 has revealed that 68% of Cypriot adults state to be satisfied with their life, whilst the respective percentage in September of 2021 was 75%.

So what makes people happy?

The research conducted by Ipsos has revealed that people globally are more likely to state that they are happy if they perceive that their life has a meaning, if they feel that they are in control, are being appreciated and/or if they are satisfied with their mental health and well being.