It’s an important collaboration for us …

“… It’s an important collaboration for us … We are not only promoting the work of the organization to the public but we also receive support to strengthen the efforts to protect children” (Andria Neocleous, Hope for Children)

myOpinion is you.

We could not get to where we are today and positively affect other people’s lives without your help.

A big bravo to you, to the myOpinion panelists, who support our vision and goals.

Hope for Children aims to help children who need protection and care (from the organization’s website: “It works with national, regional and international advisory organizations with the aim of reforming child social welfare systems on behalf of children dependent on these systems for their protection and care “), and to promote and defend their rights. So, creating the child’s home, the houses of hope as well as other care and support centers, taking on various other important actions, campaigns, etc., Hope or Children protects, cares for and defends our own future, our children.

It is our honor to continue to help humanitarian organizations like Hope for Children in every way and help improve the lives of our fellow humans.

Check out the interview of Mrs. Andria Neocleous from Hope for Children here: