World Volunteer Day 2021

For World Volunteer Day, My Opinion panelists were asked to answer what was their voluntary action for 2021.

There has been a small increase in all actions, compared to 2020.

When the community of My Opinion was asked if they have done any charity work in the last 1 year. 84% said they have donated money to a charity. In 2020 the percentage was at 80%.

Another question referred to volunteering time with the percentages remaining at low levels, but noting a small increase from 33% to 34%.

Finally, there has been a slight decrease in the provision of assistance to a stranger or stranger who needed help. From 77% in 2020, it went to 75% in 2021.

Volunteering is not just a condition, it is a way of life and it acts constructively on the social fabric as it concerns everyone regardless of social and economic discrimination, promotes the active participation of citizens in defending their fundamental rights and strengthens social solidarity and cohesion.